PET FLAT is a system of practical devices for compressing empty synthetic wrappings. With PET FLAT, all common PET bottles in different shapes and sizes can be “flattened” easily and hassle-free.

Empty PET bottles are inserted into the patented PET FLAT Adapter together with their slightly loosened caps. Due to a vacuum pump’s low pressure, the original volume of bottles is reduced more than 90% almost instantly. Thus more than five times as many of the usually voluminous PET wrappings can be stored temporarily in the trashcan before the valuable raw material PET is recycled. The screwed on caps prevent the formation of smells.

Because of the much lesser volume, all transport and storage capacities necessary in recycling can be used more effectively.

Result: lower costs – higher efficiency and better quality as well as pureness of recyclable materials.

The separation and reduction of voluminous PET bottles is ideally done in the spot where garbage is generated: in the households of consumers or directly in those places where bottles are being emptied and disposed of. For each demand, PET FLAT offers fitting devices with different capacities and design.

Producing a new PET bottle from crude oil requires 100% energy. The manufacturing of the same PET bottle from recycled material needs only about 25% of that energy – PET FLAT saves space and energy and treats our environment with care.

We bear responsibility for the future of our children!

From an environmental point-of-view, recycling and further improved reusability of the resource PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) is to be enforced because:

The resource PET can be used universally in recycling. It is not only utilized in direct recycling of bottles and other wrappings but also in a wide range of other products. Did you know for example that for a long time, millions of people have already been wearing comfortable clothes made of PET? Can you feel that your pillow, your sleeping bag or your bed covers are filled with cuddly fibers of PET? The carpet you are standing on right now is, in case it is not a genuine Persian, almost certainly also made from PET.

As you can see, it is a pity to burn the PET products made from crude oil after they have been used only once. After all, that can always be done later on as well …

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